Skin produces acids that can, in rare cases, discolor our metals.  May we suggest this little trick- combine 1 tbsp of Colgate white toothpaste and Palmolive dishwashing detergent to make a paste. Rub on affected areas.  Leave on paper towel overnight and rinse whole piece in very hot water.  Let dry.  If severe, send back for repair. (See repairs)

ALL SALES ARE FINAL.  We do not exchange pieces that have not sold, nor credit them toward a future order with us.  We do not give refunds.   No exceptions.

Attention! DO NOT USE A POLISHING CLOTH OR DIP! Do not use alcohol! THIS WILL DESTROY THE PIECE!  If the beads are irreparable, we may be able to replace the piece at current market value.

* We guarantee our work.
* All repairs will be at owner’s expense, to be determined by Abra Couture.
* The cost is very reasonable, but patience is needed!
* All repairs must be sent either UPS or by US Mail with tracking number.
* We cannot be held responsible for anything that gets lost in the mail.

We can adjust pieces for length. Please email us for details,

Custom Work
We may be able to duplicate a piece for you. Email us for details.

Metal Allergies
We do not recommend our work to anyone with nickel allergies, or those who can only wear gold jewelry .
All of our jewelry contains nickel in larger or trace amounts (sterling).

How to Display 
* We recommend a “T Rack” display for our linked necklaces, to be visible next to the cash register.
* We use a special pasta dryer at our trade shows and this is effective in a small space.
* Our collars look best on black velvet “heads” or Lucite stands, in a spare case or on top of a case.
* Window displays often hide the jewelry and the customer does not have a chance to experience how lightweight our work is.
* All of displays can be ordered thorough Abra Couture. Please Email for details.

How to Sell 
* Salespeople should wear them!
* Ask for an “ingredient list” for items you have ordered from us. You can make a copy for your customer who purchases the item from you. Email us.
* All items are very lightweight.
* The most conservative women adore our work.
*  Clip earrings are our specialty, so make sure your clip-on customer knows about us!

* Travel-friendly and not “valuable”.
What is your mailing address?

We are located at:
1279 River Rd. Washington Crossing, PA 18977
What is your email address?
Can I replace a lost earring?
Yes, we are happy to replace an earring. Due to the handmade nature of Abra’s work and the individual detailing on each piece, it may be necessary to send in your existing earring to ensure a match.
Can I purchase a longer chain?
Yes, please email us for details.
How long will my repair take?
Most repairs take between 3-4 weeks unless otherwise specified at the time of receipt.