About Us

Our Story

Since 1992, Abra Couture has been a staple of stylish women.  Abra’s look is all about urban sophistication. Colorful and vibrant, the pieces reflect the electricity of Abra’s founding home of New York City.  Originally working out of a tiny  apartment in Greenwich Village, Abra eventually built a wonderful studio on Washington Street in the heart of the infamous Meatpacking District.  In 1997, her work was discovered by museums and fashion editors hungry for something new and different.  In the mid 2000′s Abra relocated her studio to a beautiful location in Bucks County, Pennsylvania, where she lives happily with her husband, twins, and a fuzzy cat named, Meowy. The studio is located in a converted farmhouse.

Abra Couture is unique in the jewelry industry.  All components and finished pieces are designed by Abra, and nearly all pieces can be customized to fit all body types.   Attention is given to every detail: they are to be well loved and worn often. Our goal is to create Couture for real women with real lives.  It is meant to be noticed and admired. All the work we do is made in the glorious USA!  We are women owned and run. We are proud that our work is carried by the finest museums and galleries nationwide. Whether it is jewelry to wear to a gala event or to work, Abra Couture jewelry is the “WOW” for the wardrobe.

Abra Couture ….. the jewelry that jewelry lovers love!™

Bijoux Moderne

The costume arena consists of a playful mix of cast resin, acrylics, and cotton materials, along with vintage plastics.  All jewelry is created piece by piece and nothing is ever mass produced.  There are always slight variations due to the handmade nature.  Each piece maintains a certain sculptural quality which is easily recognized by the public.

The rock-like resins are sandblasted or polished after they are dyed. They are combined to create a highly modern aesthetic.  Our pearly feminine “cotton ball” necklaces are created through resin dipping and paper wrapping.  Once the pieces are finished, they are manipulated though a methodic series of twisting and weaving of wire. The end result is truly unique.

Bijoux Naturale

The semiprecious collection consists of real “finds”. The unique combination of hand-selected stones and pearls along with little surprises of vintage glass allows elegance to coexist with whimsicality. Echoed in Abra’s designs are the flowers and vines that entwine her rural surroundings. The color schemes reflect what she sees in her travels and everyday life.